North Korea is a Beautiful Country

What do you know about the «Democratic People’s Republic of Korea»? What do you think of the pictures you have seen? Doesn’t look half bad, does it?

North Korea is without a doubt a beautiful country. The news pictures from Pyongyang depict a harmonic and clean structure with very few cars, even fewer people, plus a firm, young woman in uniform conducting traffic from a non-elevated podium by the sidewalk.

I suddenly fall half in love with that woman, well hidden behind all that discipline and futility of her uniform and her task. It seems like it lies totally on her shoulders alone to see to it that the nation’s capital is dust free and flat chiseled, and that no other human being is visible for the spy cameras of the foreign so called ladies and gentlemen of the press.

The implications of the picture and my denotations forces me to mirror this compass and ruler serenity on my sheet of paper and introduce a few things I know about North Korea. I must indulge in some combinatorics. The problem seem to lead to one clear conclusion in the matter of seconds: North Korea is a very beautiful country.

Grand Kanyon.
If I say «America The Beautiful» and told you to say whatever falls into your mind, what is the odds you would say «Grand Canyon»? Now picture the scenery! Now I say «North Korea The Beautiful», now picture the scenery of Pyongyang, the nations most inhabited area. But where are the people? There’s a young woman watching the scenery. Some high rising stone or metal structures looking like a fat person.

That’s the fat men of North Korea. The statues you see. The illustrations in newspapers. If you look up the rest of the people, you will only see thin persons. They are actually so thin, they just grow to be an average of 3 inches (7 cm) shorter than South Koreans. Something tells me this must make up the most beautiful country in the world by popular measures.

Kim Young Gun.
But then, of course I will be an even bigger fatter bastard there than I can ever be anywhere else. Anyway, we must love them. Not for their beauty, but for them and us being human beings. And for the fact they have all the reasons in their world to hate us; Kim, Kim and Kim.


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