So little terrorism, so much terror


We seem very good at being terrorized. We should clearly pursue more creative values in our societies. Today, anti terror is putting much worse strains on us than terrorists could ever achieve to. 

Who are we so afraid of? Today’s attacks, if all carried out by IS-groups, fail to add up to the terror and onslaught of one scandinavian loner with impaired mental faculties.

As a mere food for thought, I invite to look at some grave cold figures of terror, considering the impact of IS and or aleged IS groups in comparison to one mad man’s partly failed plans carried out 4 years ago in exactly one month from now.


France: One man executed, to persons injured.
Local loner arrested.
 Europe trembles.
Everybody talking about IS terror reaching European territory.

Tunis: 37 people killed, 36 injured.
One or more shooters, one killed in shootout with police.
Many European tourists among victims.
Europe trembles.
Everybody talking about IS expanding its war on western public.

Kuwait: 27 killed, in excess of 200 wounded at suicide attack on mosque in Kuwait City.
IS sympathizers assume responsibility.
Europe Trembles.
Everybody talking about IS increasing war against shiite muslems after recent loss of territory.

Sum: 65 killed, 238 injured, number of attackers unknown (at least 3)


Norway: 8 died, 200 injured in bomb blast at the government head quarters in Oslo.
69 killed, 60 injured whereof 33 by gun shots, in shooting spree at largest Norwegian political party’s youth camp on Utøya in Hole, Buskerud.
One single culprit with impaired mental faculties, apparently a blond Scandinavian loner, arrested on site.

Sum: 77 killed, 260 injured, 1 attacker (barely)

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