Iran Triples Executions, Buys Boeing Planes

The lifting of sanctions against the Islamic Republic Iran has opened up for a deal to buy 100 commercial passenger airplanes from American manufacturer Boeing. 

Iran’s aviation authorities point out that 230 of the republic’s 250 passenger planes need to be replaced. The deal is made directly with Boeing, but has to be approved by the U.S. Treasury Department.

The purchase is made possible since the International Atomic Energy Agency reported it was proven that the Islamic Republic had seized to enrichen uranium. The conditions for lifting of the sanctions is usually refered to as an “atomic agreement”.

USA is number five on the annual statistics of most executions of capital punishment. Even though China is estimated to surpass the number of executions of all other countries combined by a multiple factor, Iran is the indisputable number one in confirmed executions.

The Islamic Republic is known for executing minors indiscriminatly. Besides Iran’s execution statistics reveal a clear development into the bright future of lifted sanctions and willing American salesmen:

2005: 94 confirmed executions
2006: 177
2007: 317
2008: 346
2009: 388+
2010: 252+
2011: 360+
2012: 314+
2013: 369+
2014: 289+
2015: 977+

(Source of execution statistics: Amnesty International)


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