Smart Phone Stupid Man

smartphonesAnyone with something to hide manages to hide it. For all else, there seems to be no answering a call without “where are you?” and “what are you doing?”.

We have become more honest and open altogether because of our smartphones.

Now it’s about time for lawmakers and rights breakers to follow suit, to show us a bit more transparency. Because what’s the use of Big Brother Sees You if little sister has already posted all the embarrassments online?

It’s useless fighting society. The people is already there. Government agencies should feel free to follow. There’s no use resisting anymore. Secrecy only breeds secrecy, and the whole world has had enough of it.

And yes, it is one whole world, just saying.

(Illustrasjon gjengitt med tillatelse: Copyright: bette71 / 123RF Stock Photo)

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