Gun Control? What Control?

You don’t need a gun to kill, but American killers get guns too easily.

Norway has about as many (legal) fire arms per capita as Canada, Finland and the USA, but only 0.6 murders a year per 1,000 inhabitants. Of which knives make up more than 50%, strangulation 20%, blunt violence 20%, while fire arms are accountable for less than 10%.

There are more shootings, but the most deadly fire arms and ammunitions are banned. Gun control is very much accepted in Norway. That may have much to do with our strong traditions for social solidarity, equality and tolerance, peace and respect.

Such traditions render us Norwegians shocked to hear and see the hate flooding the recent presidential election campaigns, and the harsh discriminative legislation about restrooms, manners of walks and sagging pants.

Even though our present government is all for privatisation, it is horrendous for us to see American privatisation of public services to the point that police budgets demands officers to provoke citations to make fines secure their wages, insurances and pensions, and a high and rising rate of incarceration of the defenceless different to keep prison corporations’ shareholders milking dividends off the misery of USA.

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