The Great Gospel Bypass

They keep crucifying Jesus. They do it “in Jesus’ name”, but they mean it in Saint Paul’s name, the mean Saint Paul, the biggest and most dogmatic and bitter blogger of The New Testament.

I was a bit religious when I was a child. When I was sad, I could open the Bible anywhere and find comfort. That stopped after a while. 

I got aware that “Christianity” as such has turned its back on Christ. The vindictive God of the Old Testament, who by his good grace gave his son to save all sinners, was effectively restored by Saul/Saint Paul, who at the same time revoked the salvation and the incorruptible attitude Jesus demonstrated – often of a downright anti-religious kind.

Saint Paul and the Old God serves the immoral, the selfish, the corrupt, the judgemental, the power-hungry. So they have to discredit Jesus of Nazareth, a true humanist, an example, an idol. They speak of him to make people follow them, but they abuse religion, they abuse the religious, and they hardly worship anything but themselves and their nearest partners in crime.

When American politicians talk about the Bible and “a tooth for a tooth”, they discard Jesus and salvation. They simply discard the changed God. It is understandable if they are Jews, who only have the Old Testament, but they call themselves Evangelical Christians.

Evangelion (greek), evangelium (latin) is the original words for “Gospel”. But they discard the four gospels, and they discard Christ and salvation, and thus all prophecies in the Old Testament. They follow the footsteps of Saul/Paul, a person more like Bush or Putin or Erdogan or Khamenei or Trump than like Saint Peter or Francis of Assisi.

Saint Paul, portrayed as “Paulus, servant of Jesus Christ”, but drawing a sword demanding that “Be ye therefore followers of God, as most dear children”




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