Taking One More Go

Is it possible that a new Head of State ever have taken the chair with a speech as self-contradictory as this?

“If you have a go — in this country — you get a go. It’s a fair go — for those who have a go” – Scott Morrison (24 Aug 2018)

Scott Morrisons first speach as Australia’s new Prime Minister, the 6th PM in less than 10 years, rises but one question:

  • Since the prime minister that the people of Australia thought they had voted for in the general election clearly didn’t get a go,
  • and the later PMs the Liberal Party seemingly agreed upon never got a go;
  • all proving both that neither party nor PMs ever had a go,
  • and most certainly would, neither party nor PMs, let democracy get a go;
  • how dare you take a go,
  • how dare the Liberal Party take one more go,
  • and while doing so, telling the Australian public, the voters, that the thing with Australia
  • is «if you have a go, you get a go»
  • proving it simply isn’t so?

How bleeding fxxxing dare you?

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